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Designing and Developing the Tech Fest Web App: A Collaborative Success at IIT Ropar

About the Project

We had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with the Advitiya tech fest team at IIT Ropar on the development of their comprehensive web application. Our role encompassed the entire process – from crafting the initial UI/UX vision through Figma designs to actively mentoring the IIT Ropar tech team throughout the development phase.

Our project began with meticulous UI/UX design using Figma. We carefully aligned these designs with the tech fest’s specific requirements and overall event planning. This ensured a visually compelling and intuitive user experience. Following design completion, we transitioned into a collaborative mentorship role. Our team worked closely with IIT Ropar’s talented developers, guiding them to bring the Figma designs to life in a functional web application.

The mentorship aspect of this project was particularly rewarding. It was an honor to work alongside these driven tech enthusiasts, sharing our knowledge and helping them develop their skills. Witnessing their growth and dedication throughout the development process was both inspiring and a testament to the collaborative power of this partnership.

We are incredibly proud of our involvement in this project and feel privileged to have served IIT Ropar. This experience was a compelling reminder of the importance of fostering the next generation of tech talent.